Urban Landscapes

In Sarah’s ‘Urban landscapes’ she seeks places where there is harmony between the integration of nature alongside metropolitan regeneration. Regent’s Canal, London is currently a favoured spot that she regularly returns to. Meticulously painted, these intimate paintings bear witness to the extraordinary transformation of a once underused postindustrial space to a thriving vibrant cultural hub. Always painting in situ, Sarah aims to capture fleeting beautiful moments in the city’s constantly shifting skyline immortalised onto canvas.

Tranquil Connections by Sarah Beth Lundblad
Tranquil Connections Acrylic Canvas 61 51
94 Highbury Hill Sarah Beth Lundblad
94 Highbury Hill Acrylic Wood 18 24 3
London Homes By Sarah Beth Lundblad
London Homes Acrylic Canvas 73 60 2
Noble House By Sarah Beth Lundblad
Noble House Acrylic Canvas 24 18 2
Angel Regents Canal By Sarah Beth Lundblad
Angel’s Regents Canal Acrylic Canvas 60 30 4
Constant Regeneration by Sarah Beth Lundblad
Constant Regeneration Acrylic Canvas 60 30
Urban Nature By Sarah Beth Lundblad
Urban Nature Acrylic Canvas 80 30 2
St Pancras Basin by Sarah Beth Lundblad
St Pancras Basin Acrylic Canvas 30 30 4
Kings Cross by Sarah Beth Lundblad
Kings Cross Acrylic Canvas 30 30 4
Highbury Fields By Sarah Beth Lundblad
Highbury Fields Acrylic Canvas 80 30 1
One Last Picnic Highbury Fields Lundblad
One Last Picnic Acrylic Canvas 80 30 4
Salvador By Sarah Beth Lundblad
Salvador Acrylics Canvas 18 18
Highbury View By Sarah Beth Lundblad
Highbury View Acrylic Canvase 25 25 4
Mini Thornhill Square by Sarah Beth Lundblad
Mini Thornhill Square Acrylic Wood 24 18
Islington Tunnel By Sarah Beth Lundblad
Islington Tunnel Acrylic Canvas 80 30 1
Regents-Canal By Sarah Beth Lundblad
Regents Canal Acrylic Canvas 25 25 4
St Pancras Lock by Sarah Beth Lundblad
St Pancras Lock Oil Canvas 40 30
City Road Basin by Sarah Beth Lundblad
City Road Basin Acrylic Plywood 30 21 0