With SBL Studios the portrait commissioning process couldn’t be simpler. Sarah’s preference is to work from life, painting clients in their home environment or en plein air in situ. Live sittings can last up to 1 hour 30 mins. Once size and layout has been agreed on, she works on an initial sketch so the client can sign off on a final composition. Sarah is based in North London and is happy to travel.  She can also work from good quality photographs if the sitter has limited availability. This is especially helpful if the portrait is of a small child or a much cherished pet. She also works on commissioned portraits of homes and landmarks when people move away and wish to have a painting to remember their time there.  ​​ Commissioning prices for oil paintings start from £500. SBL Studios requires 50% payment upfront and 50% payment on delivery. A painted portrait is a treasured object that will last for generations - long after photographs have faded or been misplaced. Our aim at SBL Studios is to make the commissioning process as enjoyable as possible.

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